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How to Join the Central London Orchestra


We currently have the following vacancies:

  • violas

  • double bass

  • trombone

  • trumpet


If you would like to join us on one of these instruments, please fill in this application form.

Waiting List & Deps

If you play a different instrument to the ones listed above, you can join our waiting list. Please fill in this form to join the waiting list. Do not email us directly.

If you are looking for dep work on any instrument, please fill in the same form linked above.

A photo of the Central London Orchestra rehearsing.
A photo of double basses playing in a Central London Orchestra concert.

Entry Requirements

We require applicants to be of grade 8 standard (or equivalent) or above. Please state your playing standard and experience when you apply.

We do not hold formal auditions. Instead, we ask that you join us for a three rehearsal trial period.


After your trial period, the leader of your section and the conductor will consult to make a final decision. You will be informed via email whether your trial has been successful.

Membership Fees

Our orchestra relies on membership fees to run. These cover the cost of venues, music and professionals, including our conductor.

The current membership fees are £55 per term, and a reduced rate of £32 for students and unemployed.

Some instruments may have reduced membership fees at the discretion of the orchestra treasurer, depending on availability and rehearsals required (eg trombones may not have to pay a full fee if they aren't required for every piece in a term.

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